"Since the publication of my book about dolphinaria in Western Europe* I have concentrated even more on a follow up project. With the near-completion of the aforementioned book at the beginning of last year, I began planning a journey to Japan. A seeming absence of an influential ‘animal rights’ activism, a large number of dolphinaria as well as a striking variety of species, an almost mystic Taiji debate in Europe and North America, and little available information about some outstanding husbandry and breeding successes in Japanese collections, had made me curious about the realities there..."
The first part of my trip report about Japanese dolphinaria has been published by "Zoo Grapevine & International Zoo News" in issue 42/spring 2017: "Visiting dolphinaria in Japan: part one: seeking ideas about the meaning of dolphin riders and ‘waterworks’”. And the second part has been published in issue 43/summer 2017: "Visiting dolphinaria in Japan: part two: the Taiji discussion".
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